Wattage The platens are independently controlled with their own digital display unit and thermocouple. Each platen has the heater cartridges spaced evenly along its length and directly centered in the plate for even heating. The thermocouple is either centered or staggered depending on the size of the plate but is placed as close to the surface of the platen as possible for the highest accuracy temperature reading. The wattage of your press is determined by the number and size of the plates you are using. A 3×6 plate is 150 watts, a 6×6 plate is 300 watts, and a 6×12 plate is 600 watts, a minimum of two plates are required for each press so wattages are 300, 600, and 1200 respectively. we like to use a higher number and lower wattage cartridge then others to achieve more even heat distribution.
Pressing The oil rig can be used under a 10, 20, or 50 ton press depending on the square inches of the plates you run and on the tonnage of the press you are using. Optimum PSI capability for flowers is right around 2000 PSI so that means the tonnage directly correlates with the square inches of material you are pressing. A 10 ton can press 10 square inches, 20 ton 20 square inches, 50 ton is 50 square inches. These measurements are for each layer of plates you have and you can run multiple layers on an oil rig. WHENEVER YOU ARE PRESSING ANY MATERIAL ON AN OIL RIG, MAKE SURE ALL MATERIAL IS CENTERED FRONT TO BACK AND SIDE TO SIDE. Experimenting with different amounts of material and different packing shapes will be crucial to maximizing your personal technique. multiple smaller packs may be higher and quicker yielding than one large pack of the same weight. we recommend keeping packs in between 1-3 grams per square inch for flowers to prevent blowouts. for pre concentrated sift, bubble, or kief, amounts per square inch may be near doubled without getting a blow out.
Our Guarantee Our quality machining ensures tolerances within the bore of the cartridge heater holes and on the surfaces of the platens to within a few thousandths of an inch ensuring tight fitment of the heater and perfect alignment of the plates for zero impediment of oil flow and also is another factor to minimizing paper tearing. All of our models are modular in design and can be mixed and matched to fit your press and grow with you if you choose to progress in the field of crushing it. If you buy a single layer press you can choose to make it a double or triple layer, if you start with one small plate and want to step up to a bigger plate or multiple plates, anything is possible because our presses go together like legos.
Dimensions small model 3×6 heated plates with 6×6 backing plates (3×6 plates can also have 6×12 backing plates and 6×15 backing plates, upping the price) Medium model 6×6 heated plates with 6×9 backing plates (6×6 plates can also go on 6×12 or 6×15 backing plates) Large model 6×12 heated plates with 6×15 backing plates
Warranties and disclaimer The oil rig is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Portland Oregon. Though we do source some electronics we still offer a 1 year warranty on the entire unit UNDER NORMAL USER CONDITIONS*. Our unit does have three parts specifically excluded in the warranty for lack of control by us or for normal wear and tear. The paint is the first item excluded in the warranty. Powder coating gets soft around 225 degrees and is also bound to mar under 10+ tons of force. Small cosmetic damages do not effect functionality and are to be expected, consider this press a tool. The next item that is not covered by the warranty is the springs. Springs naturally fatigue and therefore will need to be replaced over time. You can maximize your spring life by not leaving your press fully compressed for extended periods of time. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WITH YOUR PRESS FULLY COMPRESSED. The last item not covered is the bronze bearings that slide along your bolts. these should last a long time but again it is based on rate of usage. i suggest using oil on your bolts at least once a month and then wiping them down. Another thing that may damage the bearings is off center pressing. It is very important to make sure everything is completely centered while in operation.
The manufacturer of the Oil Rig and Micronic Concentrates will bear no liability from unlawful purchase, ownership, operation, usage, or unlawful aftermarket distribution of our products. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime. prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. we reserve the right to discontinue any product at anytime which will also discontinue the warranty on discontinued product. All items are not guaranteed in stock and are subject to pre order status. A pre order may take 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture and ship. All pre orders are subject to a non refundable 200$ cancellation fee. All orders are non refundable once shipped and in the mail. All orders must be paid in full at time of order. Shipping may take up to two additional weeks on top of manufacture time so please account for all delays. Free shipping is only valid in United States, other orders subject to additional charge. To inquire about actual stock on hand please feel free to contact us at anytime as your order may ship next day if in stock.
Contact us 503-960-3357 kzsk8er4life@netzero.com
*NORMAL USER CONDITIONS do not include droping the unit on the floor and messing up the alignment. DO NOT excessively pull on the red wires coming from your heater cartridges. pulling the wires out of the heater cartridges is not considered normal user conditions and will void the warranty. if ever removing the heater cartridges be sure to push them out from the front and never pull on the wires.
Dropping the unit and damaging the electronics will also void the warranty. The wires coming out of the back of the heater cartridges are the most sensitive area on the press so use caution during setup and take down.